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What to Expect the First Time You Jump From a Plane

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Jumping out of a moving plane from 10,000+ feet above the ground? Sounds crazy, right? Every year thousands of people explore the idea of doing just that. Let's wrap our heads around how to prepare for your first skydive adventure. 

Before The Jump

On getting to the venue, you will be asked to sign some waivers. You will also watch a couple of videos, just to remind you once again what you have signed up for. An invasive harness will be put on you. An expert skydiver will also show you the right position to put your body when you jump and on landing. After all these, you will be rushed into a small plane.

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The Plane

Planes used for skydiving are usually small. You will be asked to sit on a long bench, back to chest with the rest of the skydivers. Your tandem jumper will start clipping you in various places on to him or her. On opening the door of the plane, your heart starts racing. All you see is the blue sky. The majority of first times begin to reconsider within a split second.


The Jump

The other skydivers begin to casually fall out of the plane. It soon reaches your turn. With your feet hanging off the edge, with you looking down, your tandem jumper starts the countdown "3, 2, 1..." All of a sudden, you begin to freeze and start finding it hard to breathe.

Air start rushing into your nose and your mouth. The cold begins to penetrate your skin. It looks like your heartbeat in your ears. Your head can starts rushing with a shortage of oxygen supply. However, the adrenaline will pump really hard, you’ll probably feel your chest will likely explode.

On the release of the parachute, your body will jolt suddenly, just like you were slammed against a wall. Initially, you will admire the sight of the clear blue sky all around you. On catching your breath, you’ll feel calm and relaxed.

Your tandem jumper will hand over the parachute handles to you, offering you the opportunity to steer around the sky and enjoy your skydive.

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The Landing

You land by holding tight to the parachute handles. Landing is usually quick but rough. This marks an end to the excitement

All in all, skydiving is a really wonderful experience you should consider trying out in case you haven’t.


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  • Taylor Hansen: May 13, 2020

    It’s good to know that you should know the proper position before jumping out of the plane. My brother and I are planning on going skydiving for his birthday next month and I’m excited and scared at the same time. I’ll be sure to remember some of these procedures so I can be fully prepared to jump out of the plane. https://www.skydivingmovieproductions.com/services/custom-stock-photography/

  • Gustavo Dias : April 11, 2018

    Great description! Skydiving can be scaring at first but with no doubt is one of the most amazing experiences in life. Where did you have your first here?
    Near where I live in Brazil there is this place: https://www.skydivefoz.com/en/ that offers jumps both for pros and tandem jumps over the largest power plant of the world. It is wonderful!!

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