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Sponge Bob, the Carew Tower, and the landing of a new company.

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Hello Friends,

I'm Daniel, founder of JUMPER Premium Threads, and I'm THRILLED to be making this first blog entry on behalf of the team we've put together here at JUMPER Threads.  

We are quickly approaching the final cut and sew of our first product, the JUMPER Undershirt, and I thought I'd share some of the back story of our journey.  Since last winter, and the day I was sitting in the locker room at Carew Tower wondering why my undershirt seemed to be cut to fit Sponge Bob, and NOT A REAL PERSON, the JUMPER team has been relentlessly focused on designing, testing, re-designing, and testing again a product that YOU DESERVE.

No more BAGS of RAGS they sell at the department store.  We want to collectively say goodbye to undershirts coming un-tucked underneath a dress shirt, and making US look like crap.  We call this UNDERFRUMP by the way.  

We are ADVENTURERS, and we TRUST our GEAR, and we don't think anyone should COMPROMISE on their base layers.  We are HARD-WORKING but HUMBLE, and make the highest demands of our manufacturing process to deliver a VALUE-DRIVEN premium quality product.

We are HONORED for your support of our brand; and we'll be growing, so help us improve.  We'd love hearing from you as your feedback will play a huge role in how we operate.  Please contact us with ideas and inspirations, questions or problems: contact@jumperthreads.com.

We will be open for pre-sales when this site goes live, and we expect to be shipping customer product on December 15th.

All the way!






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