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Just wanted to give you a quick Halloween-Eve update on our production.  Yesterday, our full order of “Work-Week” (five-pack) & “Weekender” (two pack) packaging landed.  This packaging is super clean, well made & thought out, and something you’ll be able to re-use rather than just throw away.  This packaging is only available in the Work-Week and Weekender purchases… sorry you guys that can’t commit!

As for our undershirts, they are still in cut & sew, and we’ve been putting them to the test!  Hopefully you’ve been able to check out our Facebook page and had a chance to see @rikkicarman trying to break one: www.facebook.com/jumperthreads.  Rikki is an amazingly talented Parkour athlete and he’ll be helping us show that not only do our shirts look good and feel great, they are made with the quality and functionality that can stand the test of whatever your body puts it through.  Look for more Rikki media coming soon.

If you’re reading this, the website has gone live!  Many of you have signed up for the early discount or the email list which earned you a 10% Discount Code.  If you haven’t seen the code, email us at contact@jumperthreads.com.  Also, and as you’ve seen, product won’t be available to ship to customers until December 15th ish.  We’ve set up another Discount Code: SOFTLANDING which will give you 15% off if you order between now and December 15th.  You can use this code, or wait until we turn it off and are ready to ship and use your 10% code.

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